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Covert Surveillance Service in Fort McMurray Alberta

Do you have that sinking feeling in your gut? The one that screams, “My significant other is seeing someone else!”

We Know From Experience That in Most Cases, Your Gut Feeling Will Be Correct

Here’s a Fact About Infidelity

Fact: 30 – 60 percent of people cheat on their significant other.

Just because you don’t know for sure, does not mean infidelity is not happening.

Get the facts about infidelity.

By employing covert surveillance technology, and an advanced skill-set Fort McMurray Private Investigators can expose the facts about your significant other.

Do You Feel That Someone You Are Involved With In A Business Venture Is Cheating You?

In Our Many Years of Experience…

Your Gut-Feeling Is Correct

Maybe You Have Noticed Bizarre and/or Dishonest Behaviour Patterns?

These Behaviours Can Include But Are Not Limited To:

You try to communicate your concerns, and your business partner becomes confrontational.

Your business partner cannot account for either large or small sums of money.

Your business partner’s expenses do not line up with the business venture. Some crooked partners will try to claim everything under the sun as a valid business expense.

If you have a gut-feeling, or note any one of the above behaviours, contact us today for your free consultation.

Remember, Every Situation is Different, Some Business Partners Are Skilled Manipulators and Cheats

Just Because A Sign Is Not Exhibited, Does Not Mean Cheating Is Not Happening

Contact Us Today For Your Free Consultation And Peace of Mind

Employees Cheat Often

Employees are notorious for cheating. This could include, leaving work early and then submitting payroll hours for the work missed. This is theft and should be dealt with.

Some employees will use the company’s resources and time to build their own business. This is criminal behavior.

There are many other signs that an employee or group of employees is cheating out. Rid yourself of any additional stress and learn the facts about any suspected employee. Contact us today for your free consultation.

It’s Your Business And You Built It. Don’t Allow One Or More Of Your Employees To Take Your Hard Work Away.

We Also Specialize In:

Fraudulent Insurance Claims

We can deploy our advanced GPS tracking system, alongside our other state-of-the-art technology to expose fraudulent insurance claims.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Do you suspect a recipient of workers’ comp to be working under the table or possibly cheating in some other way? We have the technology and skills to expose the truth for you.

Criminal Defense Support

Have you or a loved one been accused of committing a criminal act? Don’t leave the end-result to chance. Call us today and we will help you to build a solid defense strategy.

Our Eye in The Sky

If required, our team can harness the power of our premium drone surveillance unit, and at no extra cost to you.

Do You Need Assets Located?

We know from experience that a great many spouses, business partners, and others love to hide valuable assets.

Let our highly-skilled investigators locate and expose any hidden assets for you. Our investigators can deploy our advanced GPS tracking system to uncover the facts.

Litigation Proceedings

Has someone filed litigation proceedings against you? Don’t leave your financial future to chance. Contact us today and let us investigate. In some cases, the one pursuing the claim is being malicious or sees you as an easy mark.

The plaintiff could be a serial litigator. These people make their living off the backs of others. Let us expose the facts for you.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Technology For All Of Our Professional Investigator Services

We use modern technology and employ modern covert surveillance techniques. The technology and methods utilized can be a combination of, but never limited to: hidden HD cameras, our advanced GPS location technology, covert surveillance, and our premium drone surveillance unit.

Fact: Over the years, many of our clients have discovered that: knowing the facts allows for peace of mind, and sheds the stress.

Are You In Need Of A Service Not Listed?

If you require a service that is not listed, contact us immediately and we will custom-tailor a professional solution that works for you.


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