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There Is One Thing That Remains Constant

Have You Ever Had A Gut Feeling About Your Significant Other Or Spouse?

The feeling is terrible, your stomach knots up, you can’t sleep properly and in some cases, you find it difficult to focus.

Fact: That Terrible Feeling Is Usually Correct

Facts About Cheaters

Infidelity Is On The Rise. In Fact, There Has Never Been A Time In History Where People Have Cheated So Much On Their “Loved Ones.”

30–60 percent of people cheat. That’s 3 to 6 out of every 10. If you were to put 10 people you know in a room, 3 to 6 would be currently engaged in infidelity.

4 out of 10 people cheat when on a business trip. We investigate this type of infidelity on an ongoing basis.

68 percent of women admit that if they knew they would not be caught, they would cheat.

74 percent of men admit that if they would not get caught, they would cheat.

Here’s Some Of The Signs That Reveal If Your Significant Other Has A New Love Interest:

Cell Phone Issues

Your significant other is suddenly claiming that their cell phone is out of range, or their cellphone is randomly turned off, or it takes forever to receive replies to voicemails or texts.

Heads For The Shower

Upon arriving home, your significant other heads straight for the shower. They make every effort to avoid contact with you.

Exclusion From Events

Once upon a time, you did everything together, these days you find yourself excluded from office parties, and possibly even take separate vacations together. It boils down to you do not feel included. You might also be receiving looks that are short, and lacking of passion and love.

Significant Other Avoids You

When one person in a relationship starts to say, “I am busy at work.” Or “I need me time.” You need to be suspicious. Sometimes when you push the issues, you might hear, “Don’t be silly, you are being insecure.” The other party is trying to make you feel bad for their actions.

A Sudden Lack Of Praise

Loving words and praises, become a distant memory. These can include but are not limited to: “I love you,” Your “other-half” is now is now being distracted by someone else.

The Transparency Is Gone

In a true relationship, both parties allow the other to view credit card statements, cell phone bills, emails, and text messages. When this ethical behaviour suddenly stops, you have a problem.

New Texting Buddy

You suddenly notice your significant other is constantly replying to a stream of texts from an unknown source. You also learn about a secret email address and/or secret cell phone.

Cellphone Locked

Some cheaters will lock their cell phones, tablets and computers down. A loving and honest significant other does not engage in this type of behaviour.

Significant Other Vanishes

Let’s face it, an honest and loving partner will always make sure that their significant other knows where they are at all times. It’s just common sense. Note: If you ask your love interest, “Where have you been? And if they become elusive or defensive, then you most likely have an infidelity issue.


When asked, “Where have you been?” or “What did you do today?” or “How was your day?” Your significant other becomes confrontational. This is a sign that infidelity is occurring. Your other half is now loyal to someone else, thus the confrontational attitude. Contact us today for your free consultation.

If, After Studying Your Significant Other’s Behaviour, You Notice One Or More Of The Above Signs, Contact Us Today For Your Free Consultation

Here’s The Facts Again

Remember: 30–60 percent of people cheat when in a relationship. That’s 3 to 6 people out of every 10.

An astonishing 68 percent of women and 74 percent of men admit that if they could cheat without getting caught, they would.

If Your Gut Screams Into Your Ear
“Your other half is cheating.”

The Fact Of The Matter Is, They Most Likely Are

Be Aware

Just Because A Sign Is Not Listed, Does Not Mean Your Spouse Is Guilt-Free

Please keep in mind, some people are chronic cheaters and have learned how to hide the signs better than others.

Contact us today for your peace of mind and a free consultation.

You Deserve To Learn The Truth About Your Significant Other. It’s Your Life And You Deserve To Know.


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