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Fort McMurray Private Investigators has rock solid results exposing cheaters. We consistently outperform the competition by using cutting-edge technology and modern surveillance techniques.

Fort McMurray private investigators have served in the RCMP or the elite Israeli Secret Service.


When you hire one of our highly-skilled investigators, you can be rest assured knowing that you are hiring a highly-skilled investigator who is not only discreet, enthusiastic, and innovative, but someone who takes the utmost pride in their craft.


Our private investigators have devoted many years, and spent a great deal of time and energy laying the foundations for, and then building instant-access intelligence networks.

Our intelligence networks are across Alberta, Canada-wide, and also in parts of the United States and internationally.

Warning: Hiring A Private Investigator Without An Intelligence Network Is Like Hiring A Mechanic Who Does Not Have Wrenches


We have instant-access to a wealth of data that can help your situation come to a quick conclusion.

Our Private Investigators Are Pleased To Offer You The Following Services:

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Infidelity – Commonly Referred To As Relationship Cheaters

If you have a suspicion that your significant other suddenly has a new “hobby”, contact us today for your free consultation.

Let us discover the truth for you; you’ll sleep better at night. Click here now to learn more about how to detect if your significant other is cheating on you. Some of the signs are not so obvious.

Dishonesty – Business

Do you suddenly have red flags going up and a gut feeling about your business partner or employee? In most cases, those feelings are accurate.

Our private investigators can employ covert surveillance techniques, and deploy a vast array of technology to expose the facts for you. Click here now to learn more about our full range of private investigator services.

We can also reveal the facts about workers’ compensation claims and can conduct general and insurance investigations. Click here now to learn more about the broad range of services available for your situation.

Remember: If you don’t see the service you require for your unique situation, contact us today and let us custom-tailor a solution that fits your needs.

Here’s How It Works

We offer a professional fly-in service. Hiring an outside professional investigator has many advantages, including impartiality. An outside and professional investigator will not get caught up in the local gossip; and can move more freely about due to no one knowing who they are.

You Hire The Local Investigator And This Happens

Imagine the following scenario. You hire a local investigator; they have your spouse, employee or insurance payee under surveillance in a public area. Someone who knows the investigator walks up to them and asks if they are still spying on people.

Note: We do not charge you for our fly-in time. We do however bill you for the plane ticket. In our many years of experience, we have found that most plane tickets are reasonably priced.

Other Locations

Are you seeking a private investigator elsewhere in Alberta? We also have professional investigators in the following locations:

Banff Private Investigators

Calgary Private Investigators

Edmonton Private Investigators

Lethbridge Private Investigators

Red Deer Private Investigators


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